Journal of Health and Nursing Research is a peer-reviewed journal published by Boromarajonani College of Nursing, Bangkok, Thailand. The journal was firstly published in 1985 and was formerly known as Journal of Boromarajonani College of Nursing, Bangkok. From 2019 it has been changed its title to ‘Journal of Health and Nursing Research’ (from Issue 2 Volume 35). In order to develop its standards to international level, scope of the journal was extended to cover publication of nursing and health-related articles. The journal’s quality has been continuously improved which has been assessed by Thai Journal Citation Index Center to be in Tier 1 (TCI 1) in Health Sciences from the first round until present (Round 4 from 2020-2024).

         The journal is considering nursing, nursing education, health care profession, public health system and health related research and academic articles which is published 3 times a years as follows:

            Issue 1 January – April                          

            Issue 2 May - August    

            Issue 3 September – December


  1. Disseminate research articles and academic articles on nursing and related sciences.
  2. Be a medium for exchanging knowledge and experiences in nursing, education and related sciences.
  3. Be a source of academic presentations for nurses and health personnel.

Scope of Article for Publication Consideration

  1. Body of knowledge or knowledge in healthcare comprising body of knowledge or contents or knowledge in healthcare and public health including healthcare system, healthcare policy, healthcare manpower, health problem and healthcare for individual, family and community.
  2. Body of knowledge or knowledge in nursing comprising body of knowledge or contents or knowledge in nursing, nursing education and nursing policy, nursing administration, nursing standard, nursing outcomes, nursing practices, empirical nursing evidence, nursing innovation, health promotion, disease prevention, customized nursing for individual, family and community and nursing case study.

Type of Article for Publication Consideration

  1. Research article is an original article reporting nursing or health science research of both quantitative and qualitative basis the author has conducted or studied including systemic review, meta-analysis, meta-synthesis.
  2. Academic article is an article in which the author compiled knowledge in nursing or health science and screened, analyzed or synthesized it or a review article and a nursing or health science case study.

Peer-Reviewed Process 

If the manuscript follows the guidelines of manuscript preparation and meets standard, it will be reviewed by at least 2 reviewers who are specialized in such field in double-blind review manner.

ISSN 2697-5041 (Online)

ISSN 2730-1893 (Print)

Vol. 36 No. 2 (2020): May-August 2020

Published: 2020-08-02

Developing the Patient Safety Awareness Competency Framework for Nursing Students

Jutarat Bandansin , Danulada Jamjuree, Manat Boonprakob, Saisamorn Chaleoykitti


Effectiveness of a Mental Health Promotion Program on the Mental Health among Older Adults

Jaruwan Kansri , Chutima Mdalai, Napat Teianukool, Pattarawadee Srinuan, Napatsorn Yodthongdee


Experiences of Transformational Leadership in Primary Health Care System of Multidisciplinary Health Care Team

Sariddet Charoenchai, Sudkhanoung Ritruechai, Masarin Sukolpuk, Komain Tewtong, Jarunee Chanphet


The Effects of the Interprofessional Education Program on Attitudes towards Multidisciplinary Work among Students of Allied Health Science Programs

Ausanee Wanchai, Vannapa Prathumtone, Panarat Chenchob, Anchalee Kaewsasri, Duangporn Hoontrakul, Nantawan Teerapong, Montha Udomlerd


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