Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics of Journal of Health and Nursing Research


Roles and responsibilities of the author

  • The author shall submit only research or academic manuscripts which have never been published and must be certain that he or she does not copy or reproduce work of other people.
  • The author shall correctly and completely prepare the manuscript as defined by the journal. If the research was conducted in human beings, he or she must enclose certificate from The Ethics Review Committee for Research Involving Human Research Subjects specifying certificate number or code in “Ethical Consideration” section.
  • The author must provide citation for every reference to information, pictures or other materials belonging to other people made in his or her work and shall not copy the cited work too much.
  • The author must obtain every co-author’s consent in order to submit manuscript to publish in the journal.
  • The author shall comply with rules and regulations of the journal. Failure to do so or violation may result in decision made by the journal which the author shall respect and shall not appeal or demand anything in any case.
  • The author shall not search information of the reviewers from the journal since it is Double-Blind Review to prevent any dissatisfaction in the review.
  • The author shall accept the editor’s judgment in every case.


Roles and responsibilities of the reviewer

  • The reviewer shall be qualified and specialized in the field to review in order that the manuscript is appropriately reviewed on academic basis.
  • The reviewer shall study guidelines from the journal in order to correctly conduct the review.
  • The reviewer shall not seek private benefits or have conflicts of interests with the author or any party relating to manuscript to be reviewed.
  • The reviewer shall give faithful comments and shall not have bias in reviewing.
  • The reviewer shall verify plagiarism of the research if there is any duplication or copy with another research.
  • The reviewer shall not search any information relating to the author since it is Double-Blind Review to prevent any bias in reviewing.  
  • The reviewer shall be responsible for and not desert work and shall submit the work within due. Submission of the work should not be delayed without any good reason.
  • The reviewer may recommend any sources of information or relevant documents to the research to the author.


Roles and responsibilities of the editor

The editor should be responsible for all contents published in the journal under his or her responsibility as follows:

  • The editor shall assess the quality and is authorized to accept or reject the manuscript to be published.
  • The editor shall not accept the manuscript which has been published or considered for publishing elsewhere.
  • The editor shall stay neutral in assessing the quality and shall not use bias to judge the manuscript no matter whom the author is.
  • In accepting or rejecting the manuscript to publish, the editor shall use his or her judgment under international accepted criteria using academic reason and correctness such as importance, newness and clarity of the research and relevance to the journal’s scope.
  • The editor shall not seek private benefits or any conflicts of interests with the author, specialists or other parties.
  • The editor shall not reveal information of the author or the reviewers to any person not relating to the work.
  • The editor shall fairly treat all authors following procedures defined by the journal.