The Application of the Self-Efficacy Theory on Food Consumption Consumption Behabior and Physical Activity Among Women with Abdominal Obesity, Samko Hospital, Angthong Province *

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Suwapat Khamtanot
Tharadol Kengganpanich
Supreya Tansakul
Mondha Kengganpanich


Abdominal obesity is an important risky condition that can increase the possibility of contracting
chronic/non-communicable diseases. This condition was found most among women. This quasi-experimental
research aimed to study the effectiveness of a health education program applying the self-efficacy theory on
food consumption behavior and physical activity that could result in the decrease of waistline circumference
and body mass index of women with abdominal obesity. The study was organized with 21 women in the
experimental group and 22 women in the comparison group. The experimental group participated in the
health education program applying the self-efficacy theory for 24 weeks. Data collection was done before and
after the program by using a questionnaire, and data analysis was done by computing statistics in regard to
frequency, percentage, arithmetic mean, paired samples t-test, and independent t-test.
The results showed that after the experimentation, significantly higher mean scores of perceived selfefficacy, expectations of the benefits of performing correct behaviors, food consumption behavior, and
physical activity were found among the experimental group compared with the mean scores among the
comparison group. These conditions resulted in significant decreases of waistline circumference and body
mass index of the experimental group compared with before the experimentation and the comparison group.
Thus, in order to solve the problem regarding women with abdominal obesity in the community, public health
organizations can apply this type of health education program to training women individually, enhancing
learning through direct experiences, disseminating experiences through live models, and reminding by
telephone. In order to increase the effectiveness of the program, the concept of social support should be
applied in order to have family members and community people participating in the program including the
participation of people who cook food or sell food in the community.

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