Knowledge, Behavior and The Microbial Quality of Edible Ice in Market Stall, Thonburi

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Chalermpol Tansakul
Chanya Kraiyawong


The objectives of this research were to study knowledge about food sanitation, seller behavior and microbial quality of Ice in Thonburi market stalls.

The study was a descriptive research.  The total study population was 56. The study was conducted during July-August 2017. Research tools included: general information questionnaire, food sanitation including ice quality knowledge test, observation form of ice distribution for consumption, sample collection record and Coliform test  kits in water and ice of the Department of Medical Sciences. Statistics used for data analysis were frequency and percentage.

Results of the study indicated that majority of the samples were female (71.4 percent), age-range 25 - 29 years was 25 percent,  the minimum age was 15 years, with the maximum age was 59 years old  and an average age was 32.62 years.  Most of them finished high school (51.8 percent).  An average income per month was  10,000 - 50,000 baht (76.8 percent).  Duration of experience for drinking selling was  1 - 5 years  (80.4 percent). Majority of the samples were stall owners (67.9 percent) and  never attended food sanitation training course(83.9 percent). The samples had knowledge related to ice at moderate level (53.6 percent), and had correct practice for consumer ice selling 55.4 percent. In term of  56 consumer ice samples collected  from 56 selling stalls (1 sample from 1 selling  stall), it was found that 69.6 percent of the ice samples were not met the standard criteria since coliform bacteria were identified. These preliminary results can be used as basic guideline for standardization and safety for consumers of related agencies.

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