The Development of the Clinical Supervision Model of Head Nurses at General Hospital in Regional Health 2

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Effectively supervision of the head nurses need appropriateness. This research and development aimed to study the situation of supervision, to development of supervision model and to evaluate the appropriateness of the clinical supervision model of head nurses at one General Hospital in Regional Health 2. The study of the situation and the development of the supervision model using group discussions with 8 head nurses in each group that leader for over 1 year, assess the suitability of the model by 100 nurses who have worked in this hospital for over 1 year, sampling by simple random without replacing. The tool wasa focus group guideline to study the situation of supervision and develop a clinical supervision model based on the seven eyes supervision model. Data were analyzed using content analysis principles. The questionnaires for the supervision model reliability was 0.98 Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics.The situation of supervision found that the head nurses did not supervise about patient care, lack of confidence in supervision, need guidelines,planning and supervision manualThe clinical supervision model consists of 7 clinical supervision includes: the patients, nursing interventions, relationship between patients and registered nurses, registered nurse, relationship between registered nurses and head nurses, head nurses, and the context supervision. The appropriateness of the clinical supervision model was rated at the high level,it should be developed into a supervision manual. Organize training and try it out in the wards.


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