Loneliness in Older Persons: Nurses' Roles

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Loneliness is a sense caused from change of interpersonal relationship. It can affect health status of older persons both in physical and psychosocial aspects. Factors related to loneliness included sex, age, status, living alone,physical changes, decrease social role, and low self-esteem. Treatments include both reducing factors and causes of loneliness in older persons with holistic nursing.This article presents the types of loneliness. Causes of loneliness in the elderly factors related to loneliness of older persons, the impact of loneliness on the health of older persons, assessment of loneliness in older persons, guidelines for loneliness management in older persons and nurses' roles in caring for loneliness in older persons. In order to be a guideline for caring loneliness in older persons for well-beingand happiness


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จารุวรรณ ก้านศรี, Boromarajonani College of Nursing, Chainat, Chainat Province 17000


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