Management of Arthralgia to Adolescents with Thalassemia Treated by Deferiprone

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Thalassemia disease is common in Thailand and it is a crucial problem of the nation. Most treatment is supportive care by blood transfusion leading to major complications and being a top cause of death, hemochromatosis. With this condition, drawbacks affect organ functions and endocrine glands resulting in other incurrent diseases. Therefore, thalassemia disease adolescents with hemochromatosis are required to be treated with iron chelation and they encounter with health issues and arthralgia from the treatment which is the most common and sufferable symptom. Dealing with arthralgia effectively depends on personal factors, health factors and illness as well as environmental factors in relation with perception experience of adolescents with thalassemia disease perceiving and feeling that the body or behavior changes or becomes abnormally different. It includes assessment of symptom severity and impacts on livelihood along with response to symptoms when a person has physical, mental, cultural and social changes. If adolescents with thalassemia disease manage the symptoms well and effectively, the conditions will be improved and suffers are mitigated. As a result, these adolescents will be able to live and do activities normally with better quality of life


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