Development of Online Prescription and Que Management Program for Outpatient Dispensing Drug System

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Since April 2016BuddhachinarajPhitsanulok Hospital has operated an out-patient computerized prescribing system to replace handwritten prescribing system. The objective of this cross-sectional analytic study was to compare hours from waiting until finish process of drug checking among three groups: The first group was online prescription and complete drugs checking, The second group was online prescription but in preparing process or waiting to be checked and the third groupwas drug order on the prescription in handwritten prescribing.Data between 2017 Oct 2 to 2018 Feb 28 (101 days) were collected and presented by frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation. ANOVA was used to compare average waiting time with statistic significant level at 0.05. The average waiting time of Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3 were 8.35 ± 6.31, 28.44 ± 20.06, and 51.59 ? 27.52 min; respectively (p < 0.001). The average waiting time in internal medicine clinic, non-internal medicine clinic and delivery clinic of Group 1 were 8. 6.23, 8.35 ± 6.29 and 10.25 ± 8.06 min (p < 0.001); respectively. The average waiting time in each clinic of Group 2 were 36.06 ± 22.54 min., 21.08 ± 12.52 min. and 21.22 ± 14.20 minutes (p < 0.001); respectively. The average waiting time in each clinic of Group 3 were 62.07 ± 32.40 min., 51.43 ± 23.58 min. and 30.44 ± 18.17 min. (p < 0.001); respectively. In conclusion, computer program for online prescription and queue management allows patients to take drugs faster. Doctors should be encouraged to record online prescription and medicine clinic patients should be separated from the other clinics to decrease patient waiting time


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