Clinical predictors of abnormal intracranial finding in computed tomography scan in adult with mild head injury

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Most of head injury is mild head injury, Crania computed tomography (CT) is the choice for evaluating patients with mild head injury in the ED, but few shows abnormal findings. In this study aim to evaluate CT findings in patients with mild head injury and clinical symptoms to identify clinical predictors of abnormal CT scans for proper management. To identify a set of clinical finding that could be used to identify patients with mild head injury who should have abnormal intracranial finding for undergo CT brain. Retrospective cross section study of 1233 patients admitted in neurosurgery department at Hatyai Hospital for a mild head injury in the period of october 2016 to October 2017 to study predictive clinical factor which clinical related to show abnormal intracranial finding in CT scan. Using chi square Fisher, s Exact Test binary regression analysis. Our results show 8 predictive clinical factors that have the important effect on abnormal intracranial finding. Throughout the multivariate analysis, there was a clearly result indicate that only seven risk factors significantly caused the abnormal intracranial finding. Form these seven risk factors are male, headache, vomiting two times or more, suspected skull fracture, GCS13-14, fracture base of skull, dangerous mechanism especially motorcycle without helmet. These clinical predictors have significant for identifying patients with abnormal intracranial finding


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