Oral Rehabilitation of the patient with Severely Worn Dentition using Fixed and Removable Partial Denture

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Rukkajee Makdee


The gradual wear of the occlusal surface of teeth is a normal process during the lifetime of patient andcompensated by continuous eruption of teeth.If occlusal wear occurs severely and rapidly, it can lead to loss of occlusal vertical dimension.Treatment must evaluate of occlusal vertical dimension and identify the factors that contribute to excessive wear for a long time success rate of treatment . This article report a case of severe occlusal wear due to parafunctional habit bruxism and biting by anterior teeth and loss of posterior teeth support affect to short clinical crown of anterior teeth until exposed pulp and loss of occlusalvertical dimension.The treatment of this patient is increase occlusal vertical dimension by using fixed and removable partial denture including to wear night guard for improve mastication function esthetic and protect progressive occlusal wear of teeth and broken of fixed partial denture.A treatment result is that the patient used dental prosthesis effectively with good satisfaction


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Rukkajee Makdee

Warinchumrab Hospital,Ubonratchathanee 34190