The Strength of Motivation to Study Medicine

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Wanna Ardonk
Sukunya Rakkhajeekul
Pornpimon Kasemsook


Motivation to study medicine is an important factor of medical students to achieve their study. This cross
sectional descriptive research aimed to survey the motivation to study medicine and their related factors
of 180, 4th-6th year medical students in Buddhachinaraj Medical Education Center, in the academic year
2016. The questionnaires, translated from the Strength of Motivation to Study medicine (SMMS) to
Thai language by the experts, consisted of 16 items, were used. The academic achievements were considered
from the national license tests part 1 and 2. The results showed that gender, selection procedures and
academic achievements had non statistically significant scores. The 4th-6th year medical students had
mean SMMS scores 52.62, 52.35 and 51.93 respectively (p = 0.860). The factor of most negative influence
to motivation was decrease scores and frequent examination failure. In conclusion, the medical students
have motivation to study medicine in the moderate level. The instructor should find out the method to increase
the motivation to study medicine of the medical students.


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