Perspective of Self Management Among Diabetes Mellitus Patients in Suburban Area

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Sireewat Ar-yuwat
Chanakan Sangkamkul
Juthamas Ratanaumpha


Diabetes is a chronic,non-communicable, uncured disease, but patients can manage themselves
for their good quality of life. This phenomenology qualitative study aimed to explore perspectives of
self-management among diabetes mellitus patients living in suburban area, Muang district, Phitsanulok province.
The participants were selected by a purposive sampling. In-depth interview was used to collected data. Data
were analyzed by content analysis. The results showed that the participants perceived 5 major themes of
self-management: 1) feelings after being diagnosed, which includes 4 subthemes: accepted, uncured, scared
of death/complications and why me? 2) seeking health information related to diabetes, from 6 groups: physician/
healthcare volunteers, diabetic patients, neighbors or relatives, readings, radio or television medias and
pharmaceutical sales representatives 3) decision-making, due to 3 subthemes: scared of complications,
distrust alternative medicine and experienced from bad examples 4) self-management evaluation, considered
from 4 subthemes: follow up period, reduce dose of the drugs, level of blood sugar and observe symptoms
5) factors of success: consisted of 4 subthemes: eating behavior, exercise, adherence to medical advice
and stress management. Findings of this study are useful for health care providers to develop projects
to promote self-management of patient with diabetes.


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