Primary Care Service in Thailand After 5 Years of Being Driven by the district Health System

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Kitti Kanpirom
Kavalin Chuencharoensuk
Juthatip Pitak


Ministry of Public Health had driven primary care service system to promote the people good
quality of life by the District Health System (DHS) since 2013. This qualitative research aimed to study
the situations of DHS management during 2013-2017 and recommend the development of managing
system. The data collected from the network during April 2016 to March 2017, with self-generated interviews,
the questions about the development of DHS with triangular test. Statistical analysis using descriptive and
thematic analyses. The results showed that performance of the year 2013-2017 increased from 30.5, 50.0,
94.7, 100.0 and 100.0 percent each year. Primary care service systems were linked to all of the health system
development plan. The most operation issue was chronic patient care, 26.6%. The good thing was network
engagement to find the problems in area systemically. The capacity building were linked to all of service
levels, information systems use an online networks, monitoring by empowerment activities, integrated
budgets in all sectors, shared resources and had competitive leadership team. An obstacle includes
the communication of the policy that could not get through to sub-district level. In conclusion, the development
of DHS brings benefits according to the needs of the people. The focus policy should be on working in to the
community, communicate to the relevant ministries. In order to integrate the policy for staffs can make a
deal coordination smoothly.


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