Experience of Counselor’s Identity Integration

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Warat Panyatiyakul
Warunyu Kongchaimongkhon


This phenomenological research aims to study counselor’s experience of identity integration which reflects the integration between counselor’s professional identity and personal identity. 7 participants are professional counselors who have been working as a counseling psychologist for more than 5 years. The research uses semi-structure interview to acquire information follow by theme analysis.

            The results show that counselor’s experience of identity integration could be summarized into two main themes which are 1. Identity Development, which consist of Reflection, Supervision, Application of Counseling Process in Daily Life, and Integration of Counseling Knowledge and Life, and 2. Developed Identity, which reflect changes in both counselor’s professional and personal identity. The results also demonstrate developmental dynamic of counselor’s identity which provides insights on developmental process such as identification, identity modification, and identity integration.

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ชาย โพธิ์สิตา. ศาสตร์และศิลป์แห่งการวิจัยเชิงคุณภาพ (พิมพ์ครั้งที่ 6) กรุงเทพมหานคร: อมรินทร์พริ้นติ้งแอนด์พับลิชชิ่ง จำกัด; 2556