Methods to Promote a Valuable Life to Active Aging with New Media

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Kritsadis Songviphon
Rueanglada Punyalikhit


By 2021, Thailand is entering "The complete elderly society", and the country will have the proportion of the elderly up to 20 percent of the total population which is a significant challenge for the country. The purpose of this article is to conduct a preliminary study on a method to promote a valuable lifestyle for modern older people with creative media which adapted by Maslow's concept and the Ikikai guidelines (IHIGAI).
From the study of the lifestyle of modern older people initially found that most of the elderly have passed the basic needs hierarchy according to the Maslow's theory from the first stage of physical needs, the security needs in life in the second stage until arriving at the 3rd stage of the need for love, acceptance from family and society. However, when society changed, the new generation of seniors are free to live and have better health, makes them aware of their ability. They are recognized by the society to participate in social benefits and the realization of one's own ultimate need which accordance with the Ikikai guideline (IHIGAI), the reason for the Japanese's existence, found in people over 100 years of age to create happiness in life for both physically and mentally by discovering one's self through questions that can recognize the value of daily life.
From the concept of valuable living that brought to the design concept of "Creative media" with new media formats. The principles of design in the 21st century aimed at designing sustainable concepts by developing a system in response to the EcoSystem, together with the Form and Function. The way to design creative media, including activities, will create value for
older people as a model of creating a network in the Eco System that will lead to sustainability. "Jai Roon community", a creative media that has been developed from the study of the behaviour of modern older people under the concept of Passion life's: I design, creation of an online free space that can design life the way it wants. By choosing to learn what interested in by lifestyle which brought to the way to live a great life. Also, knowing self-worth from a master in "Jai Roon Series" video clips contain ideas and ways of living a valuable life for the elderly in various ways. As well as bringing the daily activities develops into a unique program as live broadcast by voluntary older people. The live broadcast shows activities that they have knowledge and experiences they want to share through viewing, comments, share and forward and later quickly become a reflection including like, commenting, or forwarding. The program creates both pride and value that refine the concept of "older people in the 21st century" as a valuable person who can make benefits for the society by their knowledge and experiences. Including case studies of both public and private organizations that have created activities is a way to promote the value of older people in various forms. The concept has a vital core ranging from openness (Open) by both concepts and modern technology that make a lifestyle change. Therefore, there must be changing (Change) in the learning of activities pattern, and communication through new creative media, and sharing that forwarding idea and ways of living well in order to create values creatively in the broader world.


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