The Factors Influencing to the Quality of Life of Cancer Patients in the End of Life Care in Chiang Rai Province

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Wipada Puengsook
Phitsanuruk Kanthawee
Phataraphon Markmee


     A cross-sectional study of 110 registered cancer patients who receive a continuing care service from July to September 2018 in all public hospitals in Chiang Rai, Thailand. This study aimed to explore a factor influencing the quality of life of cancer patient with the end of life care at hospitals in Chiang Rai. Data collected included: personal information, the factor of treatment, quality of life (EORTC QLQ-C30). Data analysis was done using binary logistic regression model to determine the ORs and 95% Cls of factors associated with quality of life. From this study, there were two factors which consist of education and palliative performance scale (PPS Score) significantly related to quality (role) Meanwhile, In the part of symptoms and impact related with three factors which consist of education, PPS Score and handy on care all P values < 0.05. In this study, the most related factor of quality in cancer patients with end of life care is health education, and also the provider has to reckon on the encouraging a self-health care performance as improving practice skills into both a patient and a caregiver to escalate the quality of life of end of life care in cancer patient till the terminated life with the dignity of humanity.


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