Effects of Homeopathic Eupatorium perfoliatum 200C for Prevention of Dengue Feverat Community Hospital and District Health Promotion Hospital : Retrospective Cohort Study

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Winai keawmuneewong
Tawan Thaneerat
Pranee Limworawan
Phanthippha Pongkasor
Krisada Pasomree


This research is a Retrospective Cohort Study on prevention of dengue hemorrhagic fever
using homeopathic remedy : Eupatorium perfoliatum 200C (Eupa 200C). Target number of
population is 499,637, divided into 325,830 cases who took Eupa 200C, and 173,807 cases who did
not take the remedy, collected from two Community Hospitals and 15 District Health Promotion
Hospitals. The intervention was performed in 153 villages in 15 districts, implemented in the years
between 2014 and 2016. Follow - up of the overall incidence of dengue fever in both groups, who
took Eupa 200C and who did not take the remedy in each village from the date of
commencement up to 120 days.
The results was founded that Eupa 200C was distributed to people 102 times/district, 1,056
times/Village. The number of people that took Eupa 200C was 325,830 cases, accounted for 65.2%,
and those of whom that did not take the remedy was 173,807 cases, accounted for 34.8%.
It was found that there were 244 cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever, 39 of those patients
took Eupa 200C, accounted for 16.0% of all the patients, and 205 of those patients did not take
Eupa 200C, accounted for 84.0% of all the patients. There are more male than female patients,
the minimum age of the patients is one month, the maximum age is 72 years, most of them are in
the age group of 14 years old and over.
The results of the statistical analysis showed that the homeopathic remedy : Eupa 200C has a
significant effect on the prevention of dengue hemorrhagic fever ( = 258, p - value = 0.00) (RR
= 0.1015, 95%CI = 0.07,0.14), and effectiveness of dengue fever prevention was 89.9%.
Homeopathic remedy : Eupa 200C is effective in preventing dengue hemorrhagic fever. It
should be used to prevent dengue fever as an additional preventive measures and to help
controlling of dengue fever to be more effective.

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