Administrative Factors and Working Conditions of Hospital Personnel, Ratanaburi Hospital, Surin Province

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Sunchai Thantiratananon


The purpose of this research was to study the administrative factors regarding working
conditions and to compare the opinions of the personnel toward the factors according to work
status. The target population was two hundred and eighty eight officers of Ratanaburi
Hospital, Ratanatburi District, Surin Province. Data collection instrument was a questionnaire
developed by the researcher that having 0.89 reliability. Percentage, mean, standard
deviation, and student’s t-test were used to analyze data.
The research finding showed that the hospital personnel gave the important of good
working conditions at the high level. When each aspect of the factors was considered, the
organization structure was given the highest important followed by planning and management
aspect especially the planning system should be clear and practical, moral creation aspect
especially the knowledge management in working groups, and the environment that enable
working especially the readiness of information system respectively. When the average scores
of the opinions of the administrative staff and the officers were compared, it was found that
only the organizational management score was significantly different at the .05 level while the
other aspects of the factors was not significantly different. The hospital personnel suggested
that good working atmosphere should be created through participatory activities; public
hearing should be implemented by hospital administrator; the organization structure should be
adapted according to the present situation; and a financial guideline should be established for
an efficient financial management.
From the study results, hospital administrator should support and promote good working
atmosphere that affect working performance and job satisfaction of the hospital personnel.

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