Objectively Verifiable Indicators of Logical Framework Matrix for Health Education and Health Promotion Program

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Manirat Therawiwat


The second column of Logical Framework Matrix presents the logical relation between
what to be measured or objectives of the project specified in the first column that are specific
objectives, general objectives, and goal and objectively verifiable indicators. In specifying the
indicators the following suggestions should be considered.
First, direct indicator should be identified. The direct indicator reflects specific properties
of what will be measured, in this case are objectives of each level in the first column matrix.
However, at the time of evaluation planning indicators at upper or lower level which were called
indirect indicators could be used for evaluation. Since an upper indirect indicator is more
reliable than a lower one then the upper indirect indicator should be chosen.
Second, more than one indicator of the project objectives, is called “parameter”, in each
level may be identified. It is suggested that if possible only one indicator that most useful for
project management and administration should be selected.
Third, both quantity and quality aspects of the selected indicators should be specified.
Since program effectiveness largely relies on success of the program implementation
according to the quality indicators.
Fourth, good measurable indicators should be relevance to context of sources of data
especially the life style or daily life practices of the sample to be used for data collection.

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