The Effects of Training Program Using Group Process and AIC Technique to Promote Elderly Club Management, Meung District, Nakhon Nayok Province

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Aphinya Phanthuphon
Nirat Imamee
Warakorn Kriengkaisakda


This research aimed to study the effectiveness of a training program that the AIC technique with group process were used to promote elderly club management in Ta-Sai sub-district, Meung district, Nakhon Nayok province. The quasi-experimental research was one group pretest-posttest design that data was collected before and after the training. The study samples were 35 elderly club administrators from 7 elderly clubs of Ta-Sai sub-district. Data was collected by a self-administered questionnaire and was analyzed using frequency, percent, mean, standard deviation; and the study hypotheses were tested by Paired samples t-test.
Results of the study revealed that after training, the elderly club administrator samples gained significantly better knowledge about elderly club management in all 4 areas which were planning, management, directing, and mounting than before the training (p<0.05). Their perceived self-efficacy in implementing the elderly club in the 2 areas, planning and implementing the elderly club, significantly better than before the training (p<0.05). They also had significantly more intention to performing elderly club management in all 3 areas that were planning, organizational management, and directing and mounting than before the training (p<0.05). These results of the study indicate that using technique AIC with group process for training is an effective mean to enhance capabilities of the elderly club administrators in management the club.

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