Water Supply Treatment Plant Operation and Water Quality in Wangtong Sub-district, Nawang District, Nong Bua Lam Phu Province


  • มาสสุภา เฉวียงวาส
  • อุไรวรรณ อินทร์ม่วง


การดูแลระบบประปา, ประปาบาดาล


This descriptive study aimed to investigate the operation of the water treatment
plant and the quality of water of the Wangtong Sub-district, Nawang District, Nong
Bua Lam Phu Province in the view of the population involved. Data were collected
by means of a questionnaire at 12 separate locations from altogether 305
individuals. Common descriptive statistics were applied for this research. The water
quality at the site of investigation was tested against standard procedures. It was
found that the staff taking care of the water supply system worked on time but not
always according to the rule. Funds for the water supply management system were
insufficient. At only 4 places (33.33%) standard criteria for the water quality was
sufficient. However the physical quality of every water sample passed the standard
criteria. As far as the chemical content of the water was concerned at 4 locations
(33.33%) the iron content and other chemical substances were found to be too high.
The lead concentration was not according to standard at various measuring points.
Samples from 25% of all of the sites tested were contaminated with coliform
bacteria and fecal coliform bacteria above the standard. The level of satisfaction of
people using the water was neither very good nor very bad for 51.80% who were
asked. Overall satisfied had been 41% and not satisfied at all were 7.20%. Extra
training should be provided for the staff and the administration committees
responsible for the water supply system. The budget should be increased and the
equipment sufficiently maintained.