Factors Affecting Health Promoting Behaviors among Thai Song Dam Hypertension Patient, Bannamruang Sub-district Health Promoting Hospital, Sukhothai Province

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Pornpun Kraikriengsri
Civilaiz Wanaratwichit


The purposes of this descriptive research was to study biological factor, psychological factor, social and culture factor, perceived of benefits, perceived of barriers and self-efficacy, Health promoting behaviors  and factors  affecting health promoting behaviors among Thai Song Dam hypertension patient. Sampling was used to select 176 Thai Song Dam Hypertension patient. From the equation of  the number of samples (n) to the independent variable according to the principle of  Hair JF et.al (1998). The instruments was a questionnaire. Data was analyzed by using mean, standard deviation, and stepwise multiple regression analysis. The results showed that: Most subject were woman (59.10%), average age 61.72 years (S.D. = 11.84), less than 5 years of period of disease (64.77%), dyslipidemia were highest of comorbidity disease (52.70%) Self health perceived ( = 4.66, SD = 0.59),  

Self-motivation (=4.62, S.D. = 0.52) and perceived of  benefits ( = 4.59, SD = 0.56) were highest mean score.

Self-esteem (=4.22, S.D. = 0.74) and self-efficacy ( = 4.02, SD = 0.80) were high mean score. Perceived of barriers ( = 2.05, SD = 0.46) was low mean score.The total means score of health promoting behaviors was in a high level (= 3.88, SD = .43). Nutrition aspect was moderate level (= 3.45, SD = .49). The factors that singnificantly affecting health promoting behaviors were self-esteem, perceived self-efficacy, perceived barriers, social and culture and age. Factors can predict the health promoting behaviors of sample group 60.8%.                  


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