Effects of Self - Management Support Program on Self - Management Behaviors among Uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients

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Nuntawan Wongngern
Artitaya Wangwonsin


This quasi-experimental research with two group pretest-posttest design aimed to examine the effect of self-management support program on self-management behaviors of uncontrolled type 2 diabetic patients. The duration of this study was 12 weeks. The 70 samples were purposive selected and divided into experimental group and 35 comparison group. The instrument consist self-management support program, self-management manual for diabetes patients, patient activity record and questionnaire. The data obtained were analyzed using descriptive statistics and the hypotheses were tested using t-test statistics. The statistical significance was .05 levels. Results showed that after received self-management support program the experimental group had a significantly average score on health beliefs and self-management behaviors difference and higher than before receiving the program (p-value <0.05) This shows that the supporting with self-management process can be help patients change their behavior to reduce their health risks. The suggestions for using this program were the user should have the knowledge and skills to self-management support and must be a leader who encourages patients to show their potential to self-management behaviors as goals setting.


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