Ageing Society: Technology and the Elderly

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Ruja Rodkhem
Sudarat Chaiprasit


At the moment, Thailand is moving towards an ageing society with an increasing proportion of the elderly. At the same time, technology has developed rapidly and played a major role in everyday life that cannot be separated from their need. Technology is essential to enhance the quality of life of the elderly allowing the elderly to live their life decreasing their dependence on others. They could have potential to become an active ageing that can access and use information technology and health promoting innovations to carry out their daily activities, communications, entertainment, financial transactions, online business and continuous self-improvement learning. The elderly must have a positive attitude and realize the importance of technology, be an elderly person living harmoniously with others, become digital ageing person in the new age who can be self-reliant for the longest time and live "alone but happy".  Therefore, promoting and supporting the elderly to use technology wisely is a significant role of families, communities, organizations, both public and private sectors.


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