Utilization of Orem’s Self Care Theory for Caring in Prevention of Foot Ulcer among Diabetic Patients

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Pimlak Rungsipanodon
Chutchavarn Wongsaree
Amporn Jeangwirichaikull


Self-Care Theory of Orem is the theory that aims to take care of personal care by applying nursing system to help in defective solution of personal cares and the highest goal after the application of this theory is a person will have completeness in daily life and to remain well-being in life. Thus, the process to perform activity for well-being, a person may perform the whole thing by oneself or to perform in some parts with the usage of nursing system to care as according to personal defect. While performing care, nurses must have to apply 10 capable powers assessment in accordance with designed Orem Theory Structures in caring patient in accordance with holistic individual. However, the continuation of self-caring in foot ulcer patient with diabetic is crucial thing because only staying home all alone in daily life of patient is the best self-caring. Therefore, patients who have appropriate knowledge and practical skills that respond to patients’ daily life will help to reduce feet wounds of patients. Hence, essential roles of nurse in preventing feet ulcer amongst diabetic patients are to support and provide knowledge including recommendation, to teach, support for building up environment, to help to promote patients and relatives to have learning, judgment, decision-making and start to perform through the period of self-development potentially.


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