Nurses’ Role in Caring for Person with Accident at the Scene

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Mattika Chaichan
Chutchavarn Wongsaree
Warunsiri Praneetham


Emergency accident is crucial problem of Public Health and is ranked to the 1st level out of 3 levels in Thailand. Every year, severity from accident caused many people with death and disabilities. Currently, emergency accident prevention system that cares for accidental victims has developed more advancement. Thus, there is the development of quick movement team in assisting the injured at the accidental scene, have professional nurses who have knowledge and specific skills that can evaluate the injured with first aid and effectively continue to deliver them for treatment. Yet, it reduces the loss of life ratio, disabilities and lots of expenses in care of health system. Therefore, nursing roles with the caring of emergency accident at the accidental scene is essential. Author will explain roles of professional nurse in joining in care of emergency accidental victim at the accidental spots in 4 roles as follows: (1) Emergency Notification at the Command Center 1669. (2) Assessment and Care for emergency accidental victim at the accidental spot. (3) Resuscitation for accidental victim that has heart beating stopped at the emergency accidental spot. And (4) The Movement and Nursing Management while delivering the injured for continual treatment to be as body of knowledge to associated nurses to understand and to apply appropriately to the operational context continually.


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