Quality of life of the Elderly in Royal Dental Implant Project

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Loss of all teeth are important issue affect health's elderly. Having complete denture can increase Quality of Life (QOL) especially eating. However, in the long term,patient still have problem with lower denture. Due to resorption of bone. Implant (Ball type) is necessary to attach with lower denture in oral health condition. Aim to assess quality of life both before and after have ball implant of the Royal Implant project. A comparative study of observationalintervention had been design. Study focus on elderly 83 cases in Uttaradit hospital. Data collected in nine years (2008-2017) by interview general information,denture quality and Oral Impact Daily Performance (OIDP) index. Data analyzed by descriptive statistics and GEE regression. QOL before had ball implant score was 47.52 ± 15.91% and after inserted six months, QOL score was 28.50 ± 10.41% with significant difference (95% CI) 19.02% (-16.22 to -21.84), p -value < 0.001. Elderly has lower denture with ball implant promote QOL and should be an alternative treatment for elderly patient


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