Role of Clerical Officer in Primary Healthcare Services Encourage University Hospital บทบาทของพนักงานธุรการในงานสนับสนุนบริการสุขภาพในหน่วยบริการปฐมภูมิของโรงพยาบาลสังกัดมหาวิทยาลัย

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The clerical officer is a healthcare team member with an important role in the health service system. The clerical officer has a role to help alleviate the workload of the healthcare team, especially in the field of primary care in the health service system. This article has gathered knowledge on the role of clerical officers in health service, primary care units, and university hospitals covering healthcare in 4 components; the role as a general administrative and administrative support in health promotion, health prevention, health treatment, and health rehabilitation to patient. The clerical officer ensures convenience, fast, and satisfaction in holistic care including physical, mental, and spiritual for good quality and standards of health services for patients to have a good quality of life.


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