Image of Department of Disease Control Ministry of Public Health: Perspectives of Thai citizens in 2018

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Niranta Sriboonthip
Chakkrit Ponrachom


            The research aimed to investigate perception of image on Department of Disease Control (DDC). The study was a descriptive research. They were 2,889 samples selected by multi-stage sampling. The data were collected by questionnaires. Statistics, including percentage, mean, standard deviation, and Chi-square were used to analyzed the data.  The major study results found as follows:  1) Most of the samples perceived positive image of DDC about 92.7 percent. 2) The samples perceived image of DDC is high level (4.06 to 4.26). 3) It was found that age, region, and career of sample significantly correlated with perceived positive image of DDC (p<0.05). The results can be used to create a strategic plan to promote the image of the DDC following demographic characteristics.

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