Expectation and Perception of Service Quality of Clients of the Accident and Emergency Department in Nongkhai Hospital

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Warisara Baunoo
Panee Sitakalin


This exploratory research aims to study Expectation and Perception of Service Quality of
Clients at Emergency Room in Nongkhai Hospital during February 1 – 28, 2018.Calculating The
sample group based on of knowing the population. According to the Clients statistics of in the
same period of the part which were, 3 years, 4,620 people per month. The ratio of sample
group was 268 people. Sampling was distributed systematically every day in a week according
to the proportion in the ratio of 2.0: 2.5: 1.0. The sample group was 15: 17: 7 people, a total of
39 people per day and, randomly assigned to all 4 recipients. Data Collection using a
questionnaire which included personal information and the quality of service as expected and
perceived with the . Statistics analysis used percentage, mean, standard deviation, and Paired
t-test. The result indicated that 1) The overall expectation level on service quality of
emergency work in all dimensions were at the highest level. In terms of perception, the level of
service quality was high in Tangibles, Reliability, Assurance and Empathy except the response to
patients which was rated moderate. The lowest perception score was the waiting time. 2)
Comparing the difference between the quality of service as expected and the perception of
patients, there was a statistically significant difference at .05 among all dimensions and overall
score in which the expectation scored higher than the perception. Therefore, the Accident
and Emergency Department of Nongkhai Hospital should work together in reducing the waiting
time, improving communication with patients, and focusing more on service behavior.

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