A Comparative Study on the Effects of Prabchompoothaweep Remedy and Loratadine in Treatment of Patients with Allergic Rhinitis and Upper Respiratory Tract Infections at Pathumtani Hospital

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Natsuda Onthong
Urapa Chonpatathip
Yanita Rajanivat
Kanisa Patthananurak
Sanjai Sangvichien
Thavatchai Kamoltham


This research aimed to compare results of using Prabchompoothawe remedy and
Loratadine to treat people with allergic rhinitis and upper respiratory tract infections at Pathum
Thani Hospital., Pathumtani province. The research subjects consisted of 62 volunteer patients
(17 males and 45 females). The subjects of each group had to take medications according to
medical prescriptions for 7 days and collected the data using the nasal symptoms assessment
form. The results showed that the severity of the nasal symptoms was found that before
taking Prabchompoothaweep remedy and Loratadine were 4.55±1.17 and 4.17±1.16,
respectively. While after taking Prabchompoothaweep remedy and Loratadine, the overall
nasal symptoms were decreased and respectively found to be 3.00±1.34 and 2.94±1.20. In
addition, the assessment of the quality of life before the use of Prabchompoothaweep
remedy and Loratadine has an average of 3.84±1.50 and 3.42±1.38 and after with an average
of 4.77±1.49 and 5.03±1.19 respectively. Moreover, the results of the overall nasal symptoms
and other symptoms besides nasal symptoms during the use of interventions found that the
overall symptoms, violence and quality of life are better (P>0.01). In summary, patients in the
experimental group and control group got better from the symptom of allergic rhinitis and
upper respiratory tract infections and they were able to stop taking medications on the 4th
and the 5th day, respectively. In conclusion, Prabchompoothaweep remedy had effectiveness
with non-different from Loratadine, and the treatment also takes a shorter period of time.
Therefore, Prabchompoothaweep remedy can be substituted of Loratadine.

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