Factors that Related to Decision Making on Thai Traditional Massage Services in the Elderly, Phayao Province

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Monchanok Choowanthanapakorn
Katekaew Seangpraw


     This cross-sectional descriptive study aimed to study the factors related to decision making on Thai traditional massage services in elderly people in health promoting hospitals, Phayao Province. Sample group of 403 participants were selected by multi-stage random sampling. Data was collected during January - April 2018 by interview form. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, mean, standard deviation, percentages, and Chi square.

     The results showed that sample group of elderly people who had were used Thai traditional massage for 48.4 % who aged between 60-69 years for 27.6 %, the frequency of Thai traditional massage service 1-2 times per month (71.7 %), types of Thai Traditional massage (65.1 %) Promote health massage. Factors that related to decision making on Thai traditional massage services were personal factors, gender, age, economic status and society. Rights to healthcare, Congenital Disease. The sample group that received the service had Hypertension, musculoskeletal diseases and Diabetes respectively, and the perception of information were statistically significant (p<0.05). The reinforcing factors such as process of providing Thai traditional massage services, location and physical environment on decision making services at Health Promotion Hospital in Phayao Province had a statistically significant (p<0.05)

     Guidelines for improving the quality of Thai traditional medicine services should promote and pay attention to professional services process, professional personnel, public information relations, accessible facilities, and building environment management, and constantly service-quality improvement. And government agencies that related the health should support and organize the Rights to healthcare system for elderly with Congenital diseases to be able to access to alternative medicine services.


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