Health Promotion Strategies and Tobacco Control with Community Based Intervention

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Mondha Kengganpanich
Tharadol Kengganpanich


Health promotion to achieve sustainability with five health strategies, according to
the proposal in the Ottawa Charter, at a meeting in Ottawa, Canada in 1986, including 1)
build healthy public policy, 2) create supportive environment, 3) strengthen community
action 4) develop personal skills, and 5) reorient health service. When applied to guide the
implementation in tobacco control in community with a community based intervention, it
can raise ability of the community to self-management and mobilizing the participation of
various stakeholders and partners for behavioral change of individual. The environmental
factors of all level, from family, society, community organizations, public health system
and its community policy have influence on civil behavior. Futhermore, changing important
risk behavior is to change the behavior of individuals who contribute to quit smoking which
will impact on decreasing rate of smoking in community. And it also expect to give up the
smoking affects the health promotion and control chronic diseases in the community

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