Evaluation of Vibrational Therapy for Sustainable Healthiness under the Campaign of Thai Traditional Medicine Wisdom

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Seeprai Ploysap
Yingsak Jittakoat


This study was a quasi-experimental research with the aim of evaluating the
vibrational therapy for sustainable healthiness under the campaign of Thai traditional
medicine wisdom based on the application of CIPP Model. There were totally 1,375
persons participating in this campaign at the field for practicing the Dhamma, Sanghathan
Temple, Nonthaburi province during the Buddhist Lent period for purpose of obtaining
services regarding medical treatment, as well as health promotion and rehabilitation from
healthcare facilities. The results of the evaluation revealed that the subjects were most
satisfied with the vibrational therapy, i.e., polite and friendly services from officers (4.70%),
followed by the appropriateness of the venue for arranging activities (4.67%), and the
appropriateness of pattern of activities (4.69%). In addition, they were highly satisfied with
proper facilities (4.59%), while their satisfaction with comprehensive public relations and
proper time for arranging activities was similarly high (4.52-4.53%). From the viewpoint of
the subjects, they were satisfied with benefits of undergoing the vibrational therapy
(4.55%), and the majority of them wished to apply the vibrational therapy to taking care of
health definitely.
Regarding the recommendations of the study, the vibrational therapy should be
further applied to providing healthcare services in relation to medical treatment, as well as
health promotion and rehabilitation in healthcare facilities.

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