Educational Method and Preventing New-Young Smoker

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Phuriphat Theeralux
Nuanrat Motana
Thawatchai Srikan
Taksin Tinmuang


This study aimed to evaluate an effect of an educational method
regarding cigarette harm by to fear of cigarette harm and undesired to initiate
smoking among school children in Tumbon Thakoa, Mae-sruay District, Chiengrai
Province. This study was an experimental evaluation research that operated in 206
students of two schools; one was primary school and another was secondary school.
An intervention was an education program by patient without larynx as negative
modeling. Data were collected during pre and post program by questionnaire. Paired
t-test statistic was used to analyze means’ difference within group before and after
an intervention program. The results showed that after student participated in an
intervention program by patient without larynx, there were differences respectively
in scared of cigarettes’ harm, danger of second hand smoke, and disease from
smoking and also undesired to initiate smoking, and desire to quite among smokers
(p<0.001). Thus, school should give importance to design appropriately education
method to create immune among students to protect them from being new-young

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