Review on Effects of Smokeless Tobacco on Health

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Woranut Weerapradist
Siribang-on Pibooniyom
Waranun Buajeeb
Kanokporn Suttisunhakul
Wikul Visalseth


mokeless tobacco is tobacco products consumed by the oral or nasal
without burning, those are used widely throughout the world. The purpose of this
literature review was to study knowledge of effect of smokeless tobacco on health.
The data were collected from text books and international journals from 1976 to
2011. The study can be categorized into four topics: 1) Component of Smokeless
tobacco 2) Effect of Smokeless Tobacco on Health 3) Effect of Smokeless Tobacco
on Public Health and 4) the role of health personnel in the operation of Smokeless
Tobacco. In particular, the result of study found that smokeless tobacco is
contributed to cardiovascular disease, oral disease, gingival recession and attachment
loss. However, the linkages to some diseases such as oral cancer, periodontal
disease, cancer of liver and esophageal cancer were limited of evidences. Further
studies on the effects of smokeless tobacco on health are needed.

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