Knowledge and Hazardous Waste Management among People in Banpin Sub-district, Dokkumtai District, Payao City

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Woranun Wangmor


A purpose of the study was to provide the knowledge and hazardous waste
management among people in Banpin Sub-district Administrative Organization,
Dokkumtai District, Payao City. Descriptive research was applied. People who lived in
Banpin Sub-district Administrative Organization are sampling of the study, including
10 villages or 330 families. One person would be representative a family by
systematic random sampling.
The results found that most sampling already had a knowledge about meaning
of hazardous waste well. However, some people believed that hazardous waste and
general waste was able to keep them all together in a same place. Then,
government sector would separate them all later. They believed that government
sector was a person who must take care of all waste only. Therefore, they didn’t
concern much about separating different type of all wastes, especially, canister,
chemical packaging or chemical in agriculture. They sometimes might separate only
waste that they was able to sale it later. Banpin Sub-district Administrative
Organization should apply the result of this study to manage the hazardous waste.
Also, developing the strategy of hazardous waste management by distributing the
knowledge to people. Moreover, people should be persuaded to the hazardous
waste management for decreasing health hazards and effective of environment in

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