Self-Efficacy Enhancement Program for Improving Health Behaviors of Personnel patient groups with Diabetes and Hypertension at Chaoprayayomrat Hospital

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Praneet Singthong


This quasi-experimental research was conducted to study effectiveness of
the Self-Efficacy enhancement program for improving health behaviors among
personnel with diabetes and hypertension at Chaoprayayomrat Hospital. A total of
43 personnel participated in the program that applied self-efficacy theory and
empowerment. The experiment lasted for 32 weeks. Data collection was done
before and after participating in the program by using a questionnaire. Data analysis
was done by frequency percentages, arithmetic means, and paired sample t-tests.
Results show that, after participating in the self-efficacy enhancement program, the
personnel had significantly higher levels of perceived self-efficacy and had more
health behaviors about food consumption, exercise, relaxation than those before
the experiment (p-value < 0.001). However, the perceived risk of complications was
not found to be statistically significantly. Therefore, this program should be applied
to personnel who are at risk and who have chronic disease in order to promote
proper health behaviors and prevent chronic diseases and their complications

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