Quality Improvement for Hospital Health Education: Professional Group’s Perspective

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Pissamai Charuchawalit
Sujitra Kokitpaisal
Tammaluk Krahan


The hospital-based Health Education Division in each general or regional
hospital has been improved according to academic development or administrative
conditions. At present, the health service system has been changed to work as a
service network to be responsible for public health at the provincial and regional
level. Hospital health education clubs were established two years ago to develop
the ‘pay-for-performance’ policy. This professional group has been accepted
formally by the Department of Health Service Support and has now become a
professional group which works to augment the activities of the Health Education
Division in the hospital. A recent activity was to identify the possibility to merge their
professional standards into hospital accreditation standards. Results from 96
hospitals indicates that it is possible to align the work of Health Education Division of
general and regional hospitals with the hospital accreditation standards. Moreover,
staff of the Health Education Division expressed the motivation to become the
significant professionals’ listed for the hospital as 13 others.

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