Abortion : From Dead End to Quality Improvement of Health Service

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Tassanai Khantayaporn
Boonploy Tulapun
Mayuree Moendej
Vorapatana Sangkaew


Historically speaking, abortion was legal till Ratanakosin Era 127. The Thai criminal
code, 260-267 were amended, to include “Abortion” as a criminal offense. In 2500, B.E.
exceptions to illegal abortion due to “health and rape conditions” were added by physician,
lawyer, and politicians who acted as prime mover on “Abortion”. Later in 2543 B.E., Feminist
movement advocated women’s health and women’s right. The word “Abortion” was proposed
to change to “Ending Pregnancy” and support center such as OSCC was created women
violence because public concern, more professional networks to help women has been
established and expanded. Counseling service become a standard protocal in the health care
services to empower women. Future direction of the health care service recommended by
WHO is the medication use which helps stimulate natural mechanism to end pregnancy.
Thailand FDA approval is in the process. By that time, quality of service for women
empowerment will be better established and easier to achieve.

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