Effect of Health Promoting Services On Self-care Behaviors and Health Status of Buddhist Monks In Photharam District, Ratchaburi Provience.

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Chomyong Loachoot


This quasi-experimental research aimed to study the effectiveness of health
promoting services on self-care behaviors and health status of Buddhist Monks who stayed
in monastery during the rainy season in Photharam District, Ratchaburi Province. The
samples received health promoting services during the years 2005-2011. Data collection
was done before the experiment and afterwards by using interviewing questionnaire and
health evaluation form. Data analysis was performed by computing frequency,
percentage, and arithmetic mean.
The results showed that Buddhist Monks smoking were significantly decreased;
Buddhist Monks smoking cessation were increased. About body mass index scale, obesity
levels were decreased. On fasting blood sugar scale, the normal levels were increased;
the risky levels were decreased. The results indicated that health promoting services were
effectiveness on self-care behaviors and health status of Buddhist Monks. Therefore, health
promoting services could be used and guide line of health-care enhancing activities for
Buddhist Monks who stayed in a another monastery district and another province.

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