Health Promoting Behavior Program according to Macrobiotics concept Among Volunteers of Suphanburi Municipality

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Supaporn Ongsuriyanondh


The high risk of non communicable diseases is cause by high level of Cholesterol and
Trigleceride. That can be lending causes of diabetes, hypertension and heart attact due to
that behaviors. The objective of this research is to study about effectiveness of Health
promoting behavior program according to Macrobiotics concept among volunteers of
Suphanburi Municipality. Empowerment, Stage of Change and Social Support Theory were
applied to design intervention of Health Promoting Behavior Method. Sixty samples were
participating in Health promoting program for 6 months. The result shows the success of
the ability in changing health behavior perception, knowledge, skill, and practices, eating
habits, relaxing, and exercises according to macrobiotics concept. Pretest and post-test
with health promotion management indication were compared.
It was found that after the experiment the samples were increasing significantly in
perception, knowledge and skill in health behavior (P-Value < 0.05) and got higher ability in
lessening cholesterol and trigleceride level.

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