The Factors Related to AIDS Prevention Behavior of Men Who Having Sex With Men in Massage Avenue, Pattaya Municipality, Chonburi Province

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Nikom Moonmuang


The objective of this preliminary base-line information study was to study AIDS
prevention behaviors and related factors among male sex workers in massage avenue,
Pattaya Municipality, Chon Buri province, Thailand. In-depth interviews were used with the
sample size of 17 participants. The results of the study indicated that the average age of
participant was 23 years old. The majority of participants had a secondary education, came
from the Northeast part of Thailand, single status, and worked as labor before entering this
present job. Regarding the income, the majority had the high income and the main reason
for working was friend’s persuasion. The first sexual experience was during their secondary
education level while earliest first experience was at 11 year old. Nearly most of them had
sex with women and did not use a condom during their first sexual experience. Majority of
them had sexual feeling with women. On their work, they define themselves as insertive role
and using imagine building emotion. Majority had a contemporary partner and using condom,
but when the time passed they will stop using condom. For the customers they used condom
regularly, sometimes using no condom with a regular customer, a clean looking customer
or high paid customers. For the knowledge with HIV prevention, most of them believed that
using 2 condoms will help protect on Aids infection. Most of them experienced condom
broken and believed that using 2 condoms will help. Most of them do not French’ kiss with
customer, except when the clean looking customers or women customers. They used alcohol,
particularly when going out with customer. During sexual intercourse, they used water gel.
Majority did not use the Aids test services.

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