Alcoholic Beverage Behavior and Opinion on Alcoholic Regulation Act of Undergraduate Student in Chalermkarnchana College, Srisaket Province

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Patnapa Wongsaprom
Arthit Thani
Sirinapa Donrathai
Pornpun Tayahorm
Kunthong Mungkung


This research aimed to investigate the alcoholic beverage drinking behavior and opinion
on alcohol regulation act of 309 samples of undergraduate student in Chalermkarnchana
college. The samples were randomized using the multi-stage random sampling and the
data collected using a questionnaire. The data were analyzed by descriptive statistics in
terms of frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation. The results showed that the
percentage of alcoholic beverage drinking of samples in a past year was 72.8%. The most
of samples are ranging from 18-27 years old (60.2%). The majority group of Social
undergraduate student Sciences revealed high percentages of alcoholic beverage drinking
than that Health Sciences undergraduate student by 78.9 and 58.2 %, respectively. The
family member related alcoholic beverage drinking was 65.7% while the most alcoholic
participants was close friend by 78.0 and 41.1% observed in Social Sciences undergraduate
student and Health Sciences, undergraduate student respectively. The type of favorite
alcohol was Beer (84 %) and the frequency of alcohol beverage drinking was less than
once a month (47.1%). Moreover, the most of drinkers frequently participated in party with
their close friend. The opinion on alcoholic regulation act indicated that the low level
agreement on alcoholic approach and law sides was observed whereas the public relation
advertising and campaign sides was moderate agreement.

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