Older Adults, Problem and their Innovation Product

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Roongrote Poomriew


Due to the development of medical care, public health, economy and technology, these can increase more Thai older adults. For example, in 1970 there were 1.7 million older adults (4.9 percent of the total Thai population) increasing to 10.3 million (15.8 percent) in 2015. In general, old age is a period of deterioration, particularly physical, mental and social decline which can cause problems in older adults. Majority of Thai older adults faced many problems including 1) getting chronic diseases 2) about one third of them having low income 3) some youth having negative attitude towards older adults 4) some older adults worrying about having no persons to take care and 5) feeling of loneliness of some older adults since their extended families had changed to nuclear families.

At present, many innovative products as improved or new consumer products are introduced to older adults for promoting health and increasing more convenience and safety in conducting their daily life activities such as healthy food and drink, skin cosmetic, tools and furniture.


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