Development of Strategic Plan for Prevention and Solving Narcotics Problem of Labor Group with Peaceful Living Principle

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Phitsamai Thongthiang


The drug’s problem struggles the country’s stability. It is hard to drive the nation if the labors addict the narcotics. For protecting and solving this problem among the workers. We have the process of management in the company namely: project of white organization which it’s strategy for protect and solving the opiates in this area (MYS.) cooperates with the scheme’s campaign for prevention and solving drug in the establishment (TO BE NUMBER ONE), for these who join the program voluntarily but there is someone that has registration for this program. From the author’s analysis found that the strategy of the project’s name “TO BE NUMBER ONE” is suitable to perform this process with all factories and labors, including the way of life of Thais that lives according to the Buddhist principle which leads to conclude all strategies with the Dharma until becoming the new knowledge so as to develop the tactics of 3 Kor and 3 Yor according to principle of peace living at work this is appropriate with the way of life and Thai society more and more.

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