Integrated Individual Health Counseling

  • Khwanthida Phimphakarn
  • Suntharee Panutat
  • Pornpirom Leongsup
  • Chalermsee Nunthawan
  • Suwimon Panawatanakul
Keywords: Individual health counseling, Integrated counseling, Health


This study aims to review the knowledge about integrated individual health counseling. Individual health counseling refers to the process of helping relationship between the counselor and the counselee. Counselees have to adapt to the illness effectively and good health. And live happily have the potential. Integrated individual health counseling has two parts: Counseling and Health (well-being 4 domain; physical health, mental health, social health and spiritual health are related). Form of integrated individual health counseling is the integration of diverse theories and techniques of counseling. The main idea, helping the all ages counselee get the most benefit.


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