The Effects of Applying Empowerment and Health Literacy to The Health Literacy in Hypertension Prevention of Elderly, in Subdistrict Municipality Ummao, Yangtalat District, Kalasin Province

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Chutima Khansomboon
Paricha Nippanon


This quasi-experimental research aimed to study the effects of program applying empowerment and health literacy to the health literacy in hypertension prevention of elderly, in Subdistrict Municipality Ummao, Yangtalat District, Kalasin Province. 88 simples were randomed and divided into two groups, the experimental group and comparison groups, which were 44 elderly for each The experimental group received the intervention program applying concept of empowerment and health literacy for 5 times in 12 weeks. The interventional program consisted a series of integrated group lecture by infographic, counseling, singing, role playing with information and video, baslop dancing, demonstration and practices: exercise, emotion, food, alcohol, cigarette and teeth and searching about hypertension information by smart phone. Comparison group received regular services from hospital district health promotion. Data were collected by questionnaires and analyzed by descriptive statistics: frequency, percentages, means, standard deviations and inferential statistics: paired t-test and independent t-test at 0.05 level of significance.
The results at the end of interventions program showed that the experimental group gained higher mean scores in knowledge of hypertension, access to health information and health services communication skills, decision making skills, self management, and media literacy about hypertension, than the comparison group significantly (p<0.001). Blood pressure in the experimental group was significantly lower than in the control group and before the experiment. (p<0.001) Recommendations for district health promotion hospitals and local administrative government organizations in this area is developing health literacy in communication skills and decision making skills for control blood pressure levels in the elderly effectively.

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