Life experience of image changing among facial cosmetic surgery addict: a phenomenological study

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Natnicha Thongbai
Thasuk Junprasert
Kantita Sripa


This research aimed to understand the meaning and being of addicted to facial cosmetic surgery live experience in the people who addicted to facial cosmetic surgery. This is a study of Hermeneutic Phenomenology based on the idea of Martin Heidegger, and to analysis data with the research process developed by Van Manen. The data were collected by in-depth interviews. The key informants were nine persons who addicted to facial cosmetic surgery and were selected by purposive sampling.
The research found that addicted surgical people of facial surgery had defined the meaning of beauty into 3 characteristics which are naturalness, being young, and the determination of destiny. These adductors also had defined the meaning of cosmetic surgery into 4 characteristics which are fixing the defect part, pleasing painfulness, fashionable, and saturation point. Thereafter, the meaning of addiction of beauty surgery had formulation into 2 definitions which explained as Psycho illness patient who could not stop the repetition which explained into 5 dimensions: indulgence in a new look, attaching the life with aesthetic surgery, improper surgery, mental illness sick, hidden self from society. Furthermore, founding the life pattern group in different ways as followed: seeking more cosmetic surgery, having the appropriated way to confront with the social label and accept the facts which could serve a beauty expectation, trying to live and precious in field of cosmetic surgery. The results of this research can be useful to develop guideline prevent and treat an addicted cosmetic surgery properly.

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