Thai Food and Drug Journal (TFDJ) is a journal for the publication of communication in Science and Technology that lunches research and review articles around six to ten articles on each issue. It publishes by three issues a year: January-April, May-September, and August-December. TFDJ aim to promote the communication between researchers and academicians. Contributed paper must be original that advance about health products on people’ health protection which include products: food, drug, cosmetics, medical devices, toxic and hazardous substance, and narcotics. The submitted articles for publication must have not been copyright or published or accepted for publication elsewhere. All related articles are very welcome.



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Call for Submission on TFDJ


     Thai Food and Drug Journal is grouped a journal of TCI in Tier two that actives from 2020 to 2024 We are very welcome invitation researchers, academicians, and university students to submit manuscripts about health products on people’ health protection. You can view details and download documents for submitting articles at  You can register a member and submit on The articles will be considered within four-six weeks by double-blinds peer reviewers.

Cancel publication on book


Thai Food and Drug Journal canceled a publication on printing that begin volume 28 issue 1 (2021) forward, however, it publishes an online as eISSN 2730-3179.

Vol. 30 No. 3 (2566): September - December

Published: 09-11-2023


Thanakrish Prasertsarn


Situation of Beta Agonist in Pork Sold in Fresh Markets and Supermarkets in Bangkok

Punnatut Aroonpanlop, Nalaksara Kankaew, Suppachai Hengchittrakool, Thi-Antra Chirasarn, Chayut Wongvichayaporn, Tappasarn Suksuthamwong, Natwithit Chaiorranan, Bunnisa Kidmongkhol, Chanasin Kidmongkhol, Pimmada Koonpluem, Printorn Chalainanont , Sujimon Mungkalarungsi


Quality of Metformin Tablets in Thailand

Thanaporn Teppitak, Panida Ueasirikornkun


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